Quality and Certification

In Mesa Imalat facilities, high quality production is carried out under the supervision of ISO 9001 Quality System and Bureau Veritas.

Our philosophy is  “Quality is not controlled, but produced” and we have adopted total quality understanding as an indispensable policy in all its processes.

Quality Policy:

• In all processes, aiming to be a reliable and sought-after company within an approach that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer,

• Within the framework of quality systems, emphasizing teamwork to continuously improve the level of quality by enabling all employees to become more competent and capable individuals,

• Establishing a culture of quality awareness among all employees,

• Bringing all our suppliers to the same level of quality,

• Contributing to the development of our country through exports, with the aim of promoting our company’s and Turkey’s name globally,

• Producing the most suitable, correct, and economical solutions quickly to prevent any possible deviations later,

• Completing every project started on time, fully in line with the project with the highest level of techniques, at the desired quality, and within budget limits,

• Being a respectful and exemplary organization to the community and environment we are in, and continuously developing our business volume to contribute to the national economy,

• Using technology effectively to optimize costs and increase profitability,

• Based on sustainability principles, increasing trust perception and enhancing our brand value in the sector alongside our recognition by providing ethical gains to our stakeholders and business partners.



TS EN 12812-12813