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In accordance with the load transfer model in railway systems, the parts, floored perpendicularly against the rails in regular intervals, that are called “traverse” allow transmitting the load, which is applied by the rail, by spreading it on a wider surface onto the ballast area and determining and protecting the space of the road, keeping the road on a stable axis against the external effects.

Traverses used in rail systems are produced in different varieties as a result of approaches on axle weight, speed, pulling, towing, and cost. Three types of traverses are used in rail systems. These are wooden sleepers, iron sleepers, reinforced concrete sleepers. B07 concrete traverses are used in high-speed railway projects. The production of these traverses is provided by high precision molds. These molds are produced as a collaborative product between Mesa Formwork and the customer, either directly by customer demands or according to the scope of the project. Traverse molds are produced and controlled by high precision CNC machines.


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