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MESA IMALAT also provides timber products which are part of the formwork systems.

H20 timber formwork beams can be used as main/secondary girder with shoring systems. It’s also used as formwork support for H20P Wall-Column Form System. It is a durable strong but light-weight (5kg/m) and flexible product. It can be produced up to length of 12 m., beside its available standard sizes of 2,45, 2,90, 3,30, 3.60, 4,90, 5,90 m.

Mesa Imalat also provides composite plywood panels, a new generation of coating material that is preferred over wall forms and column forms. Composite plywood panels produced with abrasion and impact resistance have a long-life usage. The recommended life of this composite plywood material, which is produced as a plastic coating of the last layer, can reach up to 150 casting. Various thicknesses and combinations available.

Plywood shuttering panels are available from Latvia, Russia and Finland. Strong, rigid and carefully finished film-faced panels have ultimate lifetime. They are available in various thicknesses and combinations.

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