• 1978 - Establishment

    1978 - Establishment

    MESA IMALAT INC. was established by the Mesa Group for the purpose of manufacturing Tunnel Formwork System in Turkey.

  • 1982 - First Tunnel Form Production

    1982 - First Tunnel Form Production

    Manufacturing at Mesa Imalat's facilities in Yenikent started in 1982. Until 1986, production was done internally only for housing projects of Mesa Group.

  • 1986 - Expansion in Turkey

    1986 - Expansion in Turkey

    From 1986 onwards, Mesa Imalat started to supply formworks for residential projects of construction companies other than Mesa Group. Precast Moulds for prefabricated solutions were also integrated in product range.

  • 1990 - First Overseas Experience

    1990 - First Overseas Experience

    Housing Projects of Turkish and Korean companies in Russia have been the first major overseas experience.

  • 1995 - Asia Pacific Activities

    1995 - Asia Pacific Activities

    Mesa Imalat started activities in Southeast Asia region and opened its first overseas office in Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur for direct export to major local Contractors.

  • 1999 - Earthquake Housing Project

    1999 - Earthquake Housing Project

    In this year Mesa Imalat played a major role for providing tunnel formwork need for all recovery housing projects after devastating İzmit and Düzce earthquakes. During this period, superstructure construction of 40,000 permanent residences was completed by the contractors within approximately 5 months by 120 sets of tunnel formwork.

  • 2002 - Expansion in New Markets

    2002 - Expansion in New Markets

    Mesa Imalat accelerated its expansion in international markets and development of its product portfolio. Sales activities started in different countries like Algeria and U.S.A.

  • 2005 - Product Range Expands

    2005 - Product Range Expands

    Worldwide expansion of Mesa Imalat is supported by increased R & D activities. Mesa Imalat successfully implemented first skyscraper project in Russia with newly developed HCP Self Climbing Formwork System In the same year, Mesa Imalat presented the new generation ERTF Modular Tunnel Formwork System by integrating technical experience acquired in foreign markets.

  • 2012 - High Production Capacity - Wide Product Profile

    2012 - High Production Capacity - Wide Product Profile

    Mesa Imalat has achieved a huge production capacity in its facilities of 105.000 m2 open area and 30.000 m2 closed area. The company is able to provide formwork solution for almost all kinds of building and civil engineering projects with its high quality product range.

  • 2018 - A Global Brand

    2018 - A Global Brand

    Approximately 7.1 MILLION HOUSING UNIT have been completed in 40 years with Mesa Tunnel Formwork System. Mesa İmalat, is preferred in 5 CONTINENTS and 45 COUNTRIES and has become one of the leading companies in the industry worldwide.