Steel Construction

Product About

It is a steel structure system with wide openings and heights, which is used in factory buildings, hangars, sports facilities, warehouses and workshops and mostly preferred in geographical regions where all carrier systems are produced from steel, especially in geographic areas that are threatened by earthquakes.

The majority of urbanization in our country is concentrated in the 1st and 2nd degree earthquake zone. In comparison to this, the preference for steel construction systems has been quite low in the past. Steel structures have superior mechanical properties, static capabilities and ease of application compared to other bearing systems. This is a steel structure system which is rapidly becoming widespread because it is fast, safe and economical and has certain standards.


– As it is lighter than reinforced concrete structure, it is exposed to less earthquake load.

– Ideal for large aperture and console applications.

– Provides labor-saving  and time-saving in manufacturing and assembly.

– Can be applied to different construction systems.

– Application is fast.

– Long service life.

– 100% recyclable.

In steel construction works; production drawings are prepared by taking measurements on site in the finished buildings, and in the works of the project stage by examining the projects precisely. Production is done to ensure a smooth application. According to the needs of the project, it is dispatched painted in factory or to be painted on site.

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