Shoring and Table Formwork System

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Tecnical Details

MESA FLEX Shoring Series introduces a wide range of utilities to the construction world.

The main goal of MESA FLEX system, which has two different types according to the load-bearing capacities, is to enable the most economical formwork investment with the optimum labor cost in practice.

Main features of MESA FLEX could be listed as:

  • Long-lasting system parts due to hot dip galvanised coating,
  • Easy and quick assembly due to minumum number of system components
  • Setting up both load-bearing shoring towers in variable heights and effective functional tablef orms in variable dimensions.

Mesa Flex 60 Series (MF-60)

Heavy-Duty model which provides load-bearing capacity up to 60 kN/leg.

Suitable for falsework applications on bridge buildings or similar areas of civil engineering (such as any industrial and power-station constructions), where the tower height is important and comparatively high vertical loads or high horizontal external forces such as wind loads are the subjects of requirements.

Mesa Flex 40 Series (MF-40)

Mainstream model which, provides Load-bearing Capacity up to 40 kN/leg.

Similar to the scope of MesaFlex 60 Series, MesaFlex 40 Series is also suitable for industrial construction fields with less loading capacity. Setting up a large-area Table Form is also possible.