Cooling Tower Climbing System

Product About

MESA-CTP Platform and Formwork System is designed and manufactured for construction of hyperparaboloidal cooling towers. Basically, system is electromechanically powered for climbing operation and has steel faced formwork for concreting. It provides high degree of accuracy with clean concrete surface with a minimum labour cost.

Since the system has its own climbing power unit, it cancels crane requirement for climbing. Each individual platform is mounted on the wall by two suspension shoes. Basic climbing principle is to climb the lifting frame and suspend it to the shoes and fix it firstly and then to climb the main frame by the same way. The shoes in the lower level and the current level will guide the frames basically.

CTP is divided into two main parts;

  • Main Frame where all necessary Operations (i.e.concreting, reinforcement working, pre-working before climbing etc.) are done. Main Frame consists of four working platforms in different levels. These are Reinforcement Platform on top, Main Platform where the formworks exist, Climbing Platform where the climbing operation is realised, and the Lower Platform to dismantle the anchors and shoes to be used in next operation.
  • Lifting Frame which helps to climb the Main Frame to the next level of construction.

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