Climbing System- Crane Lifted

Construction Images
Tecnical Details

VCR climbing platform is designed to climb as a complete unit with large area formwork by using strongbacks. It eliminates the need to bring down formwork panels after the casting of concrete. This saves valuable crane time and provides more efficient and economical construction.

The system is guided by climbing rails which provides safety and speed. By the help of the climbing rail, VCR platform unit is always connected to the building by means of the climbing shoe for the entire climbing procedure. Moreover, drifting during strong winds is avoided by the rail guided system and VCR climbing platform can be operated safely and quickly at any time. System can be used for many different structures such as buildings, silos, towers etc. It is possible to use various types of wall forms, straight or circular.

When the wall form is retracted, approximately 60 cm of working space is created and provides safe access for cleaning and fixing rebars. Working safety levels in front of the formwork as well as behind are increased.

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